Abortion ends a human life and life should be cherished. Any means that protects human life and helps reduce the impacts to mothers needs to be put in place and enforced. Government should not fund any organization that provides abortion services. Family planning options, like adoption, need to be promoted and encouraged.


Laws are meant to be followed. Our nation needs to be welcoming to legal immigrants that are vetted and follow our laws. Illegal immigration needs to be part of our history, and not our future. Any measure that helps secure our borders to stop those who break our laws needs to be enacted. The fact that a person is not a legal resident should exclude them from any government program.

Property Taxes

Property ownership is a staple of our freedom, and property taxes create a penalty on those pursuing the American Dream. There needs to be a replacement for the property taxes that does not implement an income tax.

Public Education

Massive administration buildings and staff are drawing money away from our students. Our public schools need to return to a student focus and stop sending massive amounts of money to lobbyist in Austin. This can only happen by creating a competitive environment where public and private schools work to create the best education system. A voucher system will create this free market system and allow religious educational freedom to every Texan regardless of their income.

Family Values

Our family values are what make Texas great. Our core values can be restored by implementing a system of government that returns to personal responsibility and accountability.

Role of Government

Government should provide first responder services, roads, and security. Government must allow society to to decide on what charities are funded and not take tax dollars to pick winners. The goal of society is equal opportunity, not equal results.


We have a spending problem. The budget growth must be locked to the growth in population plus inflation. I will vote against any budget that exceeds that number.

2nd Amendment

The right of self defense is fundamental. The Constitution is a citizens license to carry. The National Firearms Act needs to be fought by the state.

Property Rights (eminent domain):

Eminent Domain must be a tool of last resort for utility and transportation projects. Companies must make every use of good faith negotiations to acquire easements or face judicial reprimand. Eminent domain should never be allowed for commercial/residential development projects or economic development.

Toll Roads

Toll Roads and Managed Lanes are a tax. We must end diversions and fund our roads so that hard working Texans do not get billed for just driving to work.