Conservatism comes from Chris Fails’ upbringing and experiences. Even though his family may have qualified for state assistance, they valued and taught self-reliance. His Dad was a driver for Purolator Courier. Mom was a checker at K-Mart. You don’t ask others for support if you can provide for your own support.

Growing up on a family farm, raising cattle, Chris knew the value and importance of hard work. Chris served in a variety of role and jobs over the years, he has been a Funeral Director, a Radio board operator, and washed cars as a teenager.

For the past 15 years Chris has worked in the Oil and Gas Industry, working with property owners and production companies to make profits for everyone. Chris has seen firsthand from his working experience the delays caused by bad laws and regulations. He has seen the economic damage caused by costly unnecessary laws, both to large employers and small property owners.

He is a cancer survivor. He is a co-owner of Alamo Shooting Sports, a Hollywood Park gun store. He is a member of the Republican Club of Bexar County, San Antonio Area Eagle Scout Alumni Association, and Community Bible Church. Chris has been married to Lacey for seven wonderful years.